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SICGP NAICS Includes Business Category Category Description
15 2332 1521-1542 Contractors-Building General contractors and builders that deal primarily with the construction of residential, farm, industrial, commercial or other buildings. General building contractors who combine a special trade with the contracting are included in this category.
17 235 1711-1799 Contractors-Specialty Contractors who provide specialized services related to building construction, including trades such as electrical, carpentry, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, roofing, masonry, painting and sheet metal work.
41 485 411-4173 Ground Transportation Businesses providing local and suburban passenger transportation by bus, rail or subway. Includes general and scenic transportation services and related terminal and maintenance facilities.
42 484 4212-4231 Trucking Services Businesses providing local or long-distance trucking or transfer service, or those providing storage of farm products, furniture, household goods or commercial goods of any nature. The operation of terminal facilities for handling freight is also included
47 5615 4724-4789 Travel Services Businesses providing services incidental to transportation (i.e. Forwarding and packing services). Travel agents, tour operators and the arrangement of passenger and freight transportation are included in this category.
48 51339 4812, 4813 Telecommunications Services Business providing communication services, whether received aurally or visually. This category also includes those providing pager and beeper services, wireless transmission services along with those providing telephone lines and methods of telephone tran
49 221 4922-4971 Other Utilities Business providing the generation, transmission and/or distribution of electricity, gas and water. Irrigation, water and sanitary systems engaged in the collection of waste are also included.
52 444 5211-5271 Retail Home Improvement Businesses selling lumber and other building materials (i.e. paint, glass, wallpaper, hardware, nursery items, mobile homes, and lawn and garden supplies. Businesses like hardware stores, nurseries and mobile home dealers are included in this category.
53 452 5311-5399 General Merchandise Stores Department stores, variety stores, general merchandise stores and general stores. For example: Macy?s, Stein Mart, TJ Max, etc.
54 4451 5411-5499 Food Stores-Retail Businesses selling food for home preparation and consumption. Grocery Stores, fruit markets, bakeries and dairy products stores are included in this category.
56 448 5611-5699 Apparel and Accessory Stores-Retail Businesses selling new clothing, shoes, hats and related articles or adornment, along with furriers and tailors who carry stocks of materials. For example: Eddie Bauer, New York & Co., J. Crew, etc.
58 727 5812-5813 Eating and Drinking Places Retailers selling prepared foods and drinks for consumption on the premises.
59 453998 5999, except 5999-01 Miscellaneous Retail Businesses that are in the following categories: drug stores, liquor stores, used merchandise stores, miscellaneous shopping goods stores, non-store retailers, fuel dealers, and miscellaneous retail stores, not elsewhere classified.
60 5221 6011-6099 Banks Businesses dealing with deposit banking and closely related functions. Includes banks, credit unions, savings institutions, and loan brokers.
61 5222 6111-6163 Credit and Mortgage Services Federally sponsored and personal credit institutions as well as mortgage bankers and loan brokers.
62 523 6211-6289; 7839-09 Financial Services Businesses dealing with underwriting, purchase, sale, or brokerage of securities and other financial contracts on their own account or accounts of others. Includes investment advisors and services associated with the exchange of securities and commodities
64 5242 6411 Insurance Services Agents and brokers dealing with insurance, along with organizations offering services to insurance companies and policy holders.
65 531 6512, 6512, 6553 Real Estate Services Real estate operators, and owners of real property. It also includes cemetery sub-dividers & developers.
70 7211 7011-7032, excludes 7041 Hotels/Motels Commercial and non-commercial businesses providing lodging or lodging and meals, camping space and camping facilities.
79 711 7922, 7929, 7948, 7992-7999 Other Recreation Places Businesses providing amusement or entertainment services, such as music bands, entertainers, other theater products, entertainment groups, racing, public golf courses, coin-operated amusement devices, amusement parks, membership sports and recreation club
80 62112 8021-8049, 8059 Other Medical Professionals Businesses providing specialized medical care, including medical laboratories. Offices of dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists and other specialist practitioners fall in this category.
81 5411 8111 Legal Services Businesses providing legal services and specialized legal services.
82 114 8211, 8222-8299 Other Schools Those providing education and/or vocational and technical training at the elementary through junior college level. This category does not include colleges/universities. Libraries are included in this category.
84 71211 84 Museums, Art Galleries and Zoos Museums, art galleries, arboreta and botanical and zoological gardens.
90 92 91-97 Government Those in the executive, legislative, judicial, administrative and regulatory activities for State, Local, Federal and International governments.
275 511 275, 2711-2759 Print Media Businesses that provide large volume printing services. It includes newspapers, magazines, comic books, statistical reports, trade journals, books, etc.
551 4411 5511, 5521, 5599 Automotive Sales Auto dealers and other businesses selling new or used vehicles.
553 44131 5531 except tire stores Automotive Parts and Supplies Businesses selling new and used automobile parts and supplies.
721 8123 7211-7219 Cleaning and Laundry Services Businesses dealing with the laundries and linen supplies. It includes Laundromats and drycleaners.
737 514 7371-7374, 7376-7379 Computer-related Services Business providing computer repair services, software services, computer programming and other general computer services.
753 8111 7532-7539 Automotive Repair Services Business dealing with the repair and part replacement of automobiles. Includes body shops and general mechanical repair shops.
781 56173 0781, 0782, 0783 Lawn and Landscape Services Businesses dealing in landscape and horticulture services.
809 214 8051,8052, 8071, 8072, 8092-8099 Other Medical Facilities Healthcare facilities that provide intermediate care, skilled nursing care, medical and dental laboratories, dialysis centers and outpatient centers.
4832 513112 4832 Radio Broadcasting Stations Radio stations with and without music formatting.
4833 15312 4833 Television Broadcasting Stations Television broadcast stations. This category does not include cable broadcast stations.
4841 5132 4841 Cable and Other Pay Television Services, TV Services Television broadcast services and stations that charge a fee for their service.
4899 514191 4899 & 7375 DotCom Businesses Businesses that provide communication services for the Internet and information retrieval services.
4911 2211 4911 Electric Power Utilities Businesses that provide electric services.
5075 42172 5078-5075 HVAC Installation and Repair Businesses that provide plumbing and hydronic heating supplies, along with forced air heating and air conditioning.
5143 42243 5143 Dairy Products Distributors Businesses that provide dairy products that are not dried or canned.
5181 42281 5181 Beer and Ale Distributors Businesses that provide beer and ale products.
5531 44132 5014, 4431-9901 Retail Tires Businesses that sell and repair tires.
5541 4471 5541 Gasoline Service Stations Businesses that provide gasoline at service stations.
5551 441222 5551 Boat Sales and Services Businesses that sell new and/or used boats and those that maintain, store and repair boats.
5561 44121 5561 Recreational Vehicle Dealers Businesses that sell new and/or used recreational vehicles.
5571 441221 5571 Motorcycle-Scooter Retail Businesses that sell new and/or used motorcycles and/or scooters.
5712 4421 5712, 5714 & 5719 Furniture Sales Businesses that sell furniture, draperies and upholstery, and miscellaneous home furnishings.
5713 44221 5713 Retail Floor Coverings Businesses that sell floor coverings.
5722 443111 5722 Retail Major Appliances Businesses that sell appliances (both gas and electric).
5731 443112 5731 Retail Home Electronics Businesses that sell televisions, cameras, gaming devices, and other home electronics.
5734 443112 5045 & 5068 Retail Computers and Software Businesses that sell computer, peripherals, software and accessories online or in stores.
5735 52122 5735 Recorded Music-Retail Businesses that sell records, CDs and other forms of pre-recorded music.
5912 44611 5912 Pharmacies Drug stores and propriety stores selling medication. For example: CVS, Rite Aid, etc.
5921 44531 5912 Retail Liquor Stores that sell liquor.
5941 45111 5941 Retail Sporting Goods Stores that sell bicycles, exercise equipment, team sporting goods, gaming equipment, water sports and general sporting goods.
5942 451221 5942 Retail Books Stores that sell new books.
5943 45321 5943 Office Equipment and Supplies Businesses that sell stationary and office supplies.
5944 44831 5944 Retail Jewelry Businesses that sell jewelry.
5945 44512 5945 Retail Toys, Game, Hobbies Businesses that sell toys, games and hobby items.
5946 44313 5946 Retail Cameras/Photo Supplies Businesses that sell cameras and supplies for photos.
5947 45322 5947 Retail Gifts and Novelties Businesses that sell various gift and novelty items.
5948 44832 5948 Retail Luggage/Leather Goods Businesses that sell leather goods, including luggage.
5949 44513 5949 Retail Fabric Sales Businesses that sell various types of fabric.
5983 45431 5983, 5984 & 5989 Fuel Oil Dealers Businesses that provide fuel and petroleum gas.
5992 45311 5992 Florists Businesses that provide floral arrangements and floral items.
5995 339115 5995 Retail Optical Goods Businesses that sell prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses for individuals.
5999 45311 5995 Retail Pets and Pet Supplies Businesses that sell pets and pet-related supplies.
6351 52413 3651 Bonding/Surety Businesses that provide underwriting for financial responsibility insurance.
6513 53111 6513 Apartment Operators Businesses that operate apartment buildings. Apartment buildings are defined as containing five or more housing units.
7011 72112 7011 Gambling Casinos Facilities primarily offering opportunities for gambling.
7221 54192 7221 & 7335 Photographers Businesses that provide still or video portrait photography for the general public and/or commercial businesses.
7231 812112 7231 Beauty Salons Businesses that provide beauty and/or hairstyling services.
7241 812111 7241 Barber Shops Businesses providing barber and men?s hairstyling services.
7261 8122 7261 Funeral Services Businesses that prepare the deceased for burial, conduct funerals and cremate the deceased.
7334 323114 7334 Photocopy/Quick Printing Services Businesses that provide reproducing services for text, plans, maps, drawings or other copy.
7342 56171 7342 Pest Control Services Businesses that provide disinfecting services for dwellings and other buildings. Includes pest control for termites, rodents and other pests in dwellings and other buildings.
7349 56172 7349 Building Maintenance Services Businesses providing building, cleaning and maintenance services.
7359 95323 7359 Equipment Rental Services Businesses renting or leasing equipment for home cleaning and maintenance, coin operated machines, pallets, aircraft and industrial trucks, electronic equipment, party supplies, home appliances and furniture, animals and plants, musical instruments and ot
7361 541612 4361 & 7363 Employment Services Businesses that provide employment services, except theatrical employment agencies and motion picture casting bureaus. Businesses providing temporary or continuing help on a contract or fee basis are also included.
7382 561621 5999-01 & 7382 Security Products/Services Businesses that provide alarms, fire extinguishers and safety supplies and equipment, along with those that monitor and maintain security systems and devices.
7514 5321 7513 & 7514 Automotive Rentals Businesses that provide short-term rental or long-term leasing of trucks, truck tractors or semi-trailers. This category also includes businesses that provide short-term rental of passenger cars.
7699 561622 7699-11 Locksmiths Businesses that provide lock and key repair and maintenance, including key duplicating and lock and key parts.
7832 51213 7832 Movie Theaters Businesses that show movies in a specified theater location.
7841 53223 7841 Video Rentals Businesses that rent recorded video tapes, DVDs, video games and equipment to the general public.
7922 7111 7922 Live Entertainment Producers of live theater and other live performances.
7941 711211 7941 Sports Clubs Businesses that operate and promote professional and semiprofessional athletic clubs; promoting athletic events, including amateur; and managing individual athletes.
7948 711212 7948 Race Tracks Racing tracks and race track operations.
7991 71394 7991 Physical Fitness Facilities Gyms and other facilities offering physical fitness services
7996 7131 7996 Amusement Parks Amusement parks that offer rides and other forms of entertainment. Examples include Six Flags and Disneyland theme parks.
7999 71212 7999 Tourist Attractions Other tourist attractions and recreations services that don?t fall under other categories.
8011 621111 8011 Medical Doctors Licensed practitioners with a M.D. degree and providing the practice of general or specialized medicine and surgery.
8062 6221 8062 & 8069 Hospitals Businesses providing general medical and surgical services along with other hospital services. Includes diagnostic services, treatment and other hospital services for specialized categories of patients. This category does not include mental health service
8063 6222 8063 Mental Health Services Businesses providing general medical services and diagnostic services along with inpatient treatment for the mentally ill.
8082 623 8082 & 8361 Home Health Care Services Those that provide skilled nursing or medical care in the home under the supervision of a physician.
8221 6112 8221 Colleges and Universities Colleges, universities and professional schools providing academic courses and granting academic degrees.
8351 62441 8351 Child Day Care Businesses providing care for infants and/or children or in providing pre-kindergarten education. This category does not include babysitting services.
8661 18311 8661 Religious Organizations Religious organizations operating for worship, religious training, or study, government or administration of an organized religion or for promotion of religious activities and those maintained by religious organizations.
8721 5412 7291 and 8721 Accountants/Bookkeepers Businesses that provide tax return services, accounting services, bookkeeping and related audit services.
23000 23 All Other Business Locations All business locations and categories not categorized elsewhere.
99998 0 ALL Recruitment Includes ad spending engaged in to recruit new employees or fill open positions. This spending is not category-specific; virtually all business categories participate in recruitment advertising.
123456 0 All Categories Market Totals Totals for all business categories in this market.
BRU 0 41, 47, 70 and 7011 AIRLINES & TRAVEL Gambling casinos, ground transportation, hotels, motels, and travel services
CRU 0 551, 5571 and 5561 AUTO Automotive, motorcycle, scooter recreational vehicle sales and dealers
DRU 0 553, 753, 5531, 5541 and 7514 AUTO AFTERMARKET Automotive parts, supplies, rentals, repair, gas stations and retail tire stores
ERU 0 275, 4832, 4833 and 4841 BROADCAST & PUBLISHING Print media, radio stations, broadcast TV Stations, cable TV stations and other pay televison services
FRU 0 42, 737, 7221, 7334, 7342, 7349, 7382, 7359, 8721 and 8661 BUSINESS SERVICES Accountants, buidling maintenance, computer-related services, equipment rental, pest control, copy and print services, photographers, religious organizations, security products and trucking services.
GRU 0 235 and 2332 CONSTRUCTION Building and specialty building contractors.
HRU 0 5722, 5731 and 5735 ELECTRONICS Retail recorded music, home electronics and major appliances.
IRU 0 79, 84, 7841, 7922, 7941, 7942, 7948, 7996 and 7999 ENTERTAINMENT & AMUSEMENT Amusement park, live entertainment, museums, art galleries, zoos, physical fitness facilities, race tracks, sports clubs, tourist attractions, video and DVD rental, and other recreation places.
JRU 0 60, 61, 62, 64 and 6351 FINANCE, BANKING & INSURANCE Banks, bonding, surety, financial, insurance, credit and mortgage services.
KRU 0 5712 and 5713 FURNITURE Furniture Sales and Floor Coverings
LRU 0 80, 809,8011, 8062, 8063 and 8082 HEALTH CARE Home health care services, hospitals, medical doctors, dentisits, mental health services and other medical facilities and professionals.
MRU 0 52 and 781 HOME IMPROVEMENT Retail home improvement, floor coverings and lawn and landscape services.
NRU 0 59, 5551, 5921,5942, 5944, 5945, 5946, 5947, 5948, 5949, 5983, 5992, 5995 and 5999 MISC. RETAIL Boat sales, florists, fuel oil dealers, books, cameras, fabric sales, gifts & novelties, jewelry, liquor, luggage, leather goods, optical goods, pets & pet supplies, toys, games, hobbies and other misc. retail.
ORU 0 5943 and 5734 OFFICE SUPPLY & COMPUTER Office equipment, computers, software and rentals.
PRU 0 721, 7231, 7241, 7261 and 7699 PERSONAL SERVICES Barber shops, beauty salons, cleaning and laundry services, funeral services and locksmiths.
QRU 0 48 and 4899 TELECOMMUNICATIONS Telecommunications and DotCom businesses.
RRU 0 5075, 5143 and 5181 WHOLESALE TRADE Beer, ale, dairy product distributors and HVAC Installation and repair.
LRU 0 80, 809,8011, 8062, 8063 and 8082 HEALTH CARE Home health care services, hospitals, medical doctors, dentists, mental health services and other medical facilities and professionals.