We hear it all the time

Business owners are overwhelmed by the ever-growing number of online advertising choices and desperately need expert guidance. Our service, Compass, is the solution that helps local media marketers identify where ad spending is headed. Compass provides the data your ad prospects need to make informed ad-buying decisions. It also gives local media account executives the information they need to identify new prospects and convert them into sales.

The Compass is full of your market's ad-spending data for the Top 100 business categories. It helps your sales team:

  • Identify the largest local online ad spending business categories
  • Detail how much a local business spends across 12 types of media and six online ad formats (static display, targeted display, search, audio, video and email)
  • Detail what a local business category spends on advertising in all media and in promotions
  • Track trends with a 5-year ad-spending forecast for each business category
  • Generate handouts and PowerPoint slides for the prospect in seconds
  • Model a businesses' ad spend based on its number of employees

Strategic use of the Compass:

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of 12 competing media types in any local market. The Compass also identifies business categories that are likely to be good sales prospects for whatever medium a media company is selling. Detail which online ad formats hold the most sales potential for each business category in the market.

For strategic planning, these reports are especially useful to general managers, publishers, ad directors, marketing directors, and product developers.

Tactical use of the Compass:

Identify business categories that are likely to be high sales prospects for whatever medium you are selling. Estimate a prospect's ad budget and allocation so account executives know what they are selling against before walking in the door. It estimates what a prospect is spending on each of six online ad formats.It also gives the prospect a benchmark so they can gauge their advertising spending. This tactical data can be worked into ad sales presentations to make them more informative and compelling for prospects. The Compass automatically creates slides for consultative presentations.

More Information

The Compass is available for any locally defined market, metro area or set of counties and automatically updates twice a year with the latest ad spending data. For more information and pricing call us at 757-221-6641 or email compass@borrellassociates.com.